How to start a Print-On-Demand Business

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To start a profitable business, one does not need to re-invent the wheels, have a very great idea or have plenty of capital to start a business. All you need is to find a solution to a problem, find the people that need your solution (market size), and be strategic about how you promote and offer your solution. It is as simple as that.

In today’s business idea guide, I am going to show you how to start an online print-on-demand service. This is a business you want to venture into if you already own a printing press, you are a graphic designer, or you are a web designer.

What is the Size of the Market – Target Market?

The people who need your services are enormous, both business customers and private individuals. It even cuts across to customers who have events and want to print on their shirts, registration kits and maybe souvenirs. Startup businesses who need letter headed paper, or companies that need complimentary cards and want to produce promotional. Either side of the divide is just fine to target.

What is a Print-on-Demand Business Service?

Today’s customer is always online. More so, the customer of today likes things to be very fast; fast food, fast cars, fast everything, and a print on demand service is simply a service that provides customers with ready to print designs and graphics. All they need to do is pick the design that most suits them, personalize the design, and then get it printed. It is that simple.

For you as a graphics designer, this is a way of having passives/side income, while you still deliver your graphics service to others.

Simple Steps to Start

You need a website:

A print on demand service needs a website. This is where you can display all your design templates and services. To get the best out of this, let it be an e-commerce website, so the customers can pick, add to their cart, pay and then you print and deliver. The reason for using an e-commerce website is that you want to encourage people to make the buying decision there and then.

Choose your target

You can’t serve everyone effectively and satisfactorily. You have got to choose your target market. You can choose the business market, or choose private individuals. You can decide to have a print-on-demand service for events – birthdays, weddings and gifts or souvenir (if you are in Nigeria, please pick this market – there are events holding every week, wedding ceremonies especially)

Get Your Pricing Right

One of the ways to profit quickly and grow quickly is to price your designs right. Understand that you don’t have to always design (upgrade your designs please). By this, I mean that 20 customers can pick the same designs. So your pricing should be pocket-friendly (this again is based on the market you are targeting).

Build Relationships

One mistake business people make is that they are lone rangers. They think they need to have everything and to do everything by themselves. They do not want to share their profits.

Business is about relationships. Build meaningful mutual relationships. If you are a graphic designer, then partner with a web designer and a printing press. Let the web designer focus on managing the website and the press on printing. You just focus on creating amazing, jaw-dropping designs.

Understand this, that as a business person, you want to focus on running the business and not get distracted. Focus on your job. Look, you must understand that there is a business side to your skills. It is not just being a graphics designer or a web designer, you must understand how business works, how to market your services, customer service, how to handle finances.

Good luck with starting your print-on-demand service. I wish you all the best.

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