Effect of Brand inconsistency


Branding involves creating a special image or name for your product or service that will have a lasting impression in the mind of customers. Your brand is the identity and face of your business, your brand tells your customers what they expect from the service you render or what they expect from your product. When a company uses a brand name or image that those not reflect what the customers expect from the business it will have a negative impact or effect on the returns on investment of the company and loss the trust of your customers.

Colours, font styling and consistent logo are basic factor that can lead to a consistent brand, if these factors are not consistent then your business may likely suffer from branding inconsistencies

Negative impact of Brand variance or inconsistency

Loss of Client’s trust

When there is inconsistency the Client will think that the product or service is not of the highest standard because of the misaligned of the marketing materials and the website of the company,

the client will not have a clear picture of what you offer because of the frequent changes you make on your brand, there by looking for alternative.

Coca cola has been in existence since 1886 their brand name, logos and colours has not changed over the years. When your brand name is consistent over a long period of time you will gain your clients or customers trust.

Client will associate your service or product with poor quality

Since the expectation of your client has not be meant because of inconsistency of your brand, client will have the mindset that what you offer is of poor quality.

Consistency in your brand goes beyond colours, logo and images and is crucial in everything a customer sees when and after purchase. By maintaining a positive image and exceeding customer expectations, your clients will make positive decisions about your product and service you render.

Your product will be forgotten

If your website isn’t clear and doesn’t call out your value statements, your brand messages won’t stick and you will be forgotten by client. All marketers know that you only have a few seconds to capture client attention. Those few seconds are crucial and once engaged, you want to create a lasting impression that would not be forgotten.

Importance of branding consistency

Helps you differentiate your business from your closest competitor or rival.

Gives your business identity that people can relate to.

Helps in gaining the loyalty of your customers.

Making you stand out in the minds of your current customers and prospective customers.

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