Consequences of Procrastination in a Business

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“Never put off tomorrow, what you can do today” are the words of Thomas Jefferson and a pin point description of the term ‘procrastination’.

We have all felt at one time or the other the desire to put things off. It might be a difficult client that you don’t want to deal with, or a schedule full of boring and daunting tasks, or perchance dreading a pile of paperwork, so you procrastinate. This action mostly stems from the fear of failing which results in the fear of not trying. This is a bad habit that every entrepreneur/business owner must shake off as it takes a serious toll on productivity. Unfortunately this can lead to bigger problems.

Some of the consequences of procrastination in business are highlighted below:

Reduced productivity

There is a popular myth about people working best under pressure, sorry to break it to you, but they don’t. Putting off work to be done in ample time till the very last minute reduces efficiency hence productivity. This is because there will be no time to review the work done for errors and beautiful ideas will be lost in a bid to meet up deadlines.

Health problems

Studies have indicated that people exhibiting chronic procrastination are prone to serious health issues like cardiovascular disease and hypertension. This in turn results in long periods of absence at work which is bad for business.

Missed Opportunities

Opportunity knocks but once is a popular saying that means that you only get one chance to achieve what you really want to do. Failure to answer the door and seize the moment might result in missing out on progress. Business owners understand that it is vital to make moves while evaluating their options.

Damaged Reputation

If your business is labelled ‘UNRELIABLE’, your reputation is bound to be in the line of fire as your customers are bound to leverage every opportunity to speak negatively about you. This is made easy with the internet as there are discussion forums, blogs or social networks which are platforms for such issues. The more services you procrastinate, the more they are likely to do so. This can in turn lead to ruined customer relationships.

Underachieved goals

Procrastination is the enemy of progress and the friend of complacency. It will leave you with no drive, motivation or excitement in challenging yourself to move forward in achieving your goals. It puts your vision, desires and goals on hold.

In order to avoid the above consequences of procrastination in business, Charles Dickens words admonishes us on a way out – “My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.”

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