Young Entrepreneur: Silas Onoja

Young Entrepreneurs

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Silas Onoja, I’m an artist based in Abuja.

When did you start painting?

I started painting academically since 2013 on papers in school, and i started painting commercially in march 2016

Your artwork are so realistic, did you go to any art school or study under anyone?

I’m currently holding a national diploma certificate on fine art from benpoly, though I got some tutorials from professional artists

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I must say God first, secondly art shows I watched while growing up, and world contemporary artists stories I heard

As an artist who are your role models?

Oswald Uruakpa a renowned artist here in Abuja, and the great Leonardo da Vinci

Have you displayed your works in any exhibition before?

Yeah, my work is currently displayed in Transcorp Hilton, in an exhibition( my first though)

Finally, is painting a lucrative venture? Can a young person in Nigeria actually live off painting?

Painting is art, art is lucrative, but its greatly affected by the environment, if an artist paints in an environment where art is appreciated, he is favoured more. But one thing is for sure , a good art piece knows no environment. my advice for young persons who wants to go into painting is, they should do it with passion and with love for art, because its only by that you can produce a good painting, and with good paintings the sky is the starting point of his/her greatness

Thank you for agreeing to speak to us. We would inform you once the interview is published.

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