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Earlier today, a close friend of mine argued that it wasn’t possible to start a viable business in Nigeria with #200,000. I took the next five minutes to explain to him the possibility of starting a viable business with the said amount and I went further to cite examples of young people who have started their businesses with monies even less than that.

The Igwe Twins started their food outfit; Speed Meals with a paltry #50,000 in 2009 after the sad death of their father. Today, their company is one of the fastest growing food company in Nigeria, having been featured on Bellanaija, and a host of other reputable platforms. In 2010, the boys were declared overall winners of Samsung Real Dreams Initiative by Samsung West Africa. That same year, their outfit recorded a turnover of three million naira.

Who says men can’t cook?  

Can you introduce yourself to us?

Our names are Tobias and Titus Igwe popularly called Igwe Twins

Can you tell us a little about your business?

Speedmeals is an outdoor food and services company currently based in Lagos with 2 operational offices. we are into catering services, cateen management etc.

What was the motivation behind you choosing the culinary business and how long have you been in it?

We started cooking after the death of our father in an accident as a means of survival. We have been in it actively for 5 years.

How much did it cost you to begin? Also, what was the source of your capital?

We started with #50,000. The money we saved from our fathers burial.

 What is your present staff strength?


What are some of the challenges you faced starting up and what are some that you are still facing now?

Attracting and retaining clients.

Your clientele includes distinguishing agencies like Oracle and American embassy, what has helped your company become so successful?

Excellence service delivery.

Where do you see your business in the next five to ten years?

Feeding 10,000 workers daily and Divisification to other areas.

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