Young Entrepreneur: Caleb Usman


When he first contacted us on one of our social media platform, I wanted to ignore him. He told me he was 20 years old and he was in the Agric business, I thought he was just a joker or somebody who wanted attention. But for some reasons, I decided to him out. Fifteen minutes into our conversation I was gamed. I pushed aside everything I was doing and concentrated completely on him. His business story is by far one of the most impressive stories that we have had on this platform. I was completely blown away by what I learnt.

Looking back, I am glad I exercised that little dose of patience to hear him out.

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I am David Caleb Usman, I am 20years old, I am a Yoruba but born and brought up in North Central, Nasarawa state, I am a farmer.

Why did you choose to go into farming?

I have passion for farming, right from a tender age, I love keeping animals, and there’s a saying the secret to a man’s success is his interest.

Very true, so how long have you started your farm?

Exactly 4 years 11 months now

Okay. Which means you were about 16 when you started, were you not afraid going into business at such early age?

I was very bold, and the passion was there, I was willing to take any risk for success, because it’s more risky not to take a risk

Hmm. I like that. At such early age what was the source of your capital? Where did you get the money to start?

Nice question. It keeps amazing people how I started, especially those who knew when I was in the womb, the truth is that even my parents don’t know how I sourced money to start but I will tell you.

I kept exotic dogs where I stay, and it’s a developing town, I was the only one keeping such kind of dogs then, so when the dogs litter I sold the puppies and made 300,000 from it, which I used to purchase 2 hectares of land in a village, I collected 500,000 from my mum, and raised 200,000 from my personal savings. Then I started. I come from an average family.

Very interesting. I am impressed. Not many young people would have thought of something like that. Well done.

Thank you!

You mentioned to me earlier that you started with 1,000 Layers, what is the present status of your farm now? How many birds do you have?

To the glory of God I now have 21,000 birds. My business is valued at about 62million Naira last year by my bank valuers. They wanted me to take loan but I didn’t oblige.

Impressive. Do you deal only with Layers or do you breed other type of birds?

No, I deal only with layers. Focus is very important in this kind of business. I once kept boilers and I had little challenge but that’s not why I stopped keeping them just that I wanted to achieve my aim before thinking of going into another part of the business. You know agriculture is very broad. My aim is to be the largest producer of eggs, and I see it coming. We produce about 450 crates of eggs daily now.

Do you have people working for you? And how many?

Sure I do, 15 of them. They were 20 before but because I have begun to mechanize the farm I had to reduce them


Can you share with us some of the challenges you have faced so far?

Ok, let me share my worst challenge so far, there was a time I lost over a thousand birds and that was when I started, it was as if I won’t bounce back, but I refused to give up

That’s inspiring. What is the greatest need of your business right now? What do you need most?

What I need now, to be honest, is the spirit of focus. That’s what my business needs. These days I am getting distracted and that’s not good for the business, because the money is not the problem.

Okay. Where is your farm located?

At Akwanga, Nasarawa state

Finally, Mr. Caleb where do you see this business in the next 5-10 years?

Wow, going nationwide. You are surprised I am not saying international, right? I want to take over the market in the north, then move to the east, south and west. If I can conquer Nigeria, I have the world


That’s wonderful. Thank you Mr. Caleb for agreeing to speak to us. We wish you the very best in achieving your dreams.


Thank you sir, God bless you!








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