Things no one tells you about entrepreneurship before you start a business


We all love to be our own boss. Some of us are motivated by the desire to be independent and free from the control of someone else.

We know entrepreneurs face a lot uncertainties, suffer losses, among others things, but we still love the freedom that comes with being in charge of your paycheck.

No matter how much you think you know about starting your own business, there are things you wont still know until you have begun your entrepreneurial journey. In this article, we look at things successful entrepreneurs said they wished someone had told them before they got started on the journey.

  1. There Would be Unbelievable Highs and Lows

Starting and running a business is like an unstoppable rollercoaster. As you embark on the journey, there would be times when everything would be going according to plan and the world of business would seem like the perfect place to pitch your tent. But there are also low moments when you would struggle to pay your bills and sleep would be far from your eyes. Just be prepared to celebrate even what you might think is an insignificant victory.

  1. Your Network is key to your growth and survival

Starting a business could take just your effort, but growing that business takes more than yourself. As early as possible, align yourself with likeminded people who are also interested in growing their business. You can look for a mastermind group to join or a mentor to align yourself with. The right people along the way would help you avoid some pitfalls, as well give you inspiration to stay strong when the journey gets tough.

  1. Mentors are a Necessity

Being guided by someone who has walked the path  you are currently on is invaluable to your success as an entrepreneur. The wisdom you can get from a mentor can help you grow your business faster than if you did not have them.

  1. There are no Guaranteed paths to success

Almost everyone starts a business with a plan of how to achieve all their dreams, some even have set dates. To prepared to have your plans shattered and be ready to go back to the drawing board often to change the direction of your business. If you resist change, you may not last long in business, because change is truly constant in the world of entrepreneurship.

  1. Be prepared to get unsolicited advisers

If you think people have opinions, wait until you start your business and you would be surprise by how much advice everyone has to offer you. The most interesting part of it all is that people who have had a day job all their lives and have no practical knowledge of entrepreneurship would be so fast to give you advice. Just hear them out and move on.

  1. Don’t Expect Early Success

Sometimes people get lucky and success comes their way very early on in business, that success is usually the most temporary you can get. If you ever get successful early, you need to become even more discipline and keep your ego in check. As soon as you allow that early success get into your head, you could be out of business even before you get started.

  1. Every entrepreneurial journey is unique

Most times people think their entrepreneurial journey would be like one of the world’s most famous businessmen they may admire. At other times they would write a business plan and think that everything would go as they have written. The truth is no plan goes according how we want it in business so the key is to know when to pivot, because the journey to the top of entrepreneurship ladder is not a straight one.

  1. Learning from other entrepreneurs is invaluable

One of the best way to grow your business successfully is to connect with and learn from other entrepreneurs. When you take time to ask people who have a head start on you questions about their failures and successes, you would put yourself in a position to succeed faster than you imagine.


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