How to effectively manage stress and stay active all the time

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This is one of the toughest times to become stress-free. You are always stressed about how to balance work and life or even dealing with issues in your personal life while being expected to function optimally at work.

No matter the situation you find yourself, you have to learn how to unwind and do that more often, else stress can adversely affect your health mentally and physically.

That being said, it takes more than just saying you would do it to manage stress, in this article with provide ten tips you need to effectively manage stress and stay sharp all the time.

  1. Take control of your problems

One major cause of stress is having problems that seems to overwhelm you and that you cannot solve on the surface. To lower your level of stress, you need to find a way to get solutions for those problems, this way you would feel in control of the problem.

One of the best ways to solve a problem is to write them down and also write down all the solutions we think can take the problem away, once we do that, we can then take the best solution. It also helps to write down each step that you need to take including who and what is involved.

  1. Breathing deep

Taking a moment to take a deep breath can take so much pressure off you. You would be surprised by how relieved you feel when you do it more often.

To do this, choose a comfortable place and sit down or lie down, if you decide to sit, make sure your hands are on your laps and your feet are on the floor.

Close your eyes, take your mind of where you are and imagine that you are in a cool beach with or any place that brings a feeling of peace to you.

Continually take a deep breath in and out

Do this often for 5 or 10 minutes.

  1. Exercise regularly

One of the best ways to relax yourself (mind and body) is to exercise. It also improves your mood almost immediately when you start any form of exercise. However, you would need to do it more often to really enjoy the full benefits.

If you want to use exercise as a stress manager, you would have to be consistent with it. Ideally you would be required to exercise at least 3-5 times daily for 30 minutes.

However, if you want to a better result you should do a more intense exercise like brisk walking for 2 hours.

For even better result, try other rigorous exercises like swimming and other physical sports for about 75 minutes.

  1. Master time management

One of the most popular cause of stress is trying to do everything. You have to be frank with yourself that 24 hours is just not enough for you to handle your personal, career and other people’s problems and start prioritizing what you spend your time on.

Set your priorities straight and make a list of things you want to accomplish at every point in time, don’t just get started with work without having a direction for where you are going and what success looks like to you.

Make sure your list involves only the most important tasks and try to avoid doing jobs that you can delegate to someone else. Also keep a record of task that needs to be done immediately and those that can be done in a week or a month’s time.

When you take your time to make a list, no matter how unmanageable it seems at first, you would be able to break it down into smaller tasks that you can get started immediately, this way you have both saved yourself time and eliminated stress from your life.

  1. Eat well

More often when people are overwhelmed with decisions to make or too many problems to deal, they tend to stop eating, this is very bad and that may be why they get stressed more.

Eating a more balanced diet would help you feel good no matter the amount of issues you are currently dealing with.

Your meals at all times should include vegetables, fruits, energy giving foods like protein, among others. Try not to skip a meal also, because when  you do, you actually open the door for increased stress.

  1. Incorporate breaks into your day

Our minds need some time off to cool down often during our hectic days. No matter how driven you are, you need to take some time to get off work and de-stress.

If you work from a list, add restfull activities to that list and look forward to these times. Activities that can help you de-stress yourself includes:

Praying, meditating, going out to spend time with nature, listening to your favourit music or watching a movie among others.

  1. Don’t ignore your hobbies

We all have things and activities we enjoy. You need to set aside time everyday for activities that gives you joy and does not involve your work. This is one of the best ways to avoid being stressed out at the end of the day.

If you enjoy playing chess, table tennis or any other sport, you can go to a sports club after work and enjoy your game before heading home, this way you would go home with a clear head.

Try to spend at least 20 minutes each day on any hobbies you may have. Hobbies that helps to de-stress you includes: Reading, Playing scrabble or board games, doing a work of art, among others.

  1. Talk to someone

When you are being bothered by so many things, you would easly get stressed. One way to get over this is to speak to someone about the issues in your life. That person could be a friend, family member, pastor, or even a life coach.

You can also talk to yourself. However, for self-talk to be effective, you have to do it in a positive tone and avoid negative self-talk at all cost else it would only increase your stress.

Take some time to listen to what you tell yourself when you’re stressed, if you speak more negative words to yourself, change it to more positive talks.

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