Business Biography: Taiwo Olayinka Afolabi

Business Biography

Taiwo Olayinka Afolabi was born on April 29 in 1962 in Ondo state, Nigeria. He is a Nigerian business mogul and lawyer who studied law at the University of Lagos. He is the founder and present Chief Executive Officer of SIFAX Group, a business that deals in a variety of things such as Hospitality, Haulage, Maritime, Oil and Gas, Aviation and Financial Services. Are you wondering how just one man has eyes for all these things? Don’t worry, Just follow his biography and see how he developed himself overtime.

Regarding his business, Mr Taiwo started early because even while he was still in secondary school, he had a group of business minded friends who would go and collect newspapers from those who sell and resell to their teachers and other interested people for a commission. Shortly after, he worked with his Uncle, popularly known as Olatunde Otunba Olowu. Tunde Olowu was the Chief Executive Officer of Nigerian Express Agencies Limited, one of the topmost and foremost freight forwarding companies in Nigeria as at 1981.

While he was working in his Uncle’s Company, he discovered he had a passion for the Maritime sector. Infact, he grew to love the sector which made him pay close attention to the activities carried out there and as things worked out, he rose to prominence when he became the clearing manager of the business. He had too much interest in the business than to just forget about it or not become a professional at it so when it was time, he traveled out of the country to study Shipping Management as a course. Immediately he returned back to Nigeria, he put in all the knowledge he had gained abroad to become the Head of Operation of Nigerian Express Agencies Limited.

He later left Nigerian Express Agencies to begin his own business in 1988 in Lagos. After all, when a man is a boss, he is a boss. It was in 1988 that he started SIFAX GROUP as a freight forwarding company. There were a lot of risks he had to take but he is naturally blessed with good decision making skills which minimized the risks in a way. Since then, he has grown the operation of the company across other industries like Oil and Gas, Logistics, Haulage, Aviation, Hospitality and Several more.

It would interest you to know that this same SIFAX GROUP that started in Lagos has now spread to other countries of the world like Ghana, United Kingdom, United States of America, Belgium, Holland, Morocco, Spain, South Africa, Djibouti among others. The subsidiaries of SIFAX GROUP include SIFAX Ports and Cargo Handling Services Limited, SIFAX Sahcol Plc, SIFAX Offdock Nigeria Limited, SIFAX Haulage and Logistics Limited, SIFAX Clearing and Forwarding Limited, SIFAX Oil and Gas Limited, SIFAX Logistics and Marine Services Limited and SIFAX Shipping Company Limited.

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