Business Biography: Demola Aladekomoa

Business Biography

Sir Demola Aladekomoa is a Nigerian business mogul born on 31st December 1957. Mr Demola is a Computer Engineer. Aladekomo Demola was the Chairman of SmartCity Resorts Plc, Treasure-nest Limited, Card Centre Nigeria Limited, Chams Consortium Limited, Crops Nigeria Limited and Insider Concepts Limited. Finally, he is the founder of Chams Plc. From these roles above, you do not need a soothsayer to tell you that the man is a born leader who has imbibed and embedded good traits such as hardwork, discipline, persistence, and integrity in himself.

Sir Demola established Chams Limited which is now called Chams Plc in September 1985. If we are tracking time, that is almost 36 years ago. Apart from the fact that this company is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, it was the first indigenous and still one of the best computer maintenance outfit company in Nigeria. While working as the Chief Engineer of Chams Plc, he led his team to deploy the first ever Wide Area Network in Nigeria. This WAN was primarily deployed on personal computers of people who owned it at the time. He and his team were also the pioneer behind the country’s first card technology. Till date, he is recognized as the brain of operations behind the successful coming to life of the first electronic payment card in Nigeria. He had to work with five indigenous banks in Nigeria to achieve this feat which was under the ValuCard Project. Infact, this was the project that really brought his name to the limelight as it really impacted the lives of a lot of Nigerians.

Under his watch and supervision as the Chief Executive Officer of Chams Plc, the company transformed from a private company to a public liability company and not just any Plc but one listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. He ensured Chams distinguished itself from it’s contemporaries in the Nigerian Market by placing more emphasis on identity management to help the clustered sector of card payments. The subsidiaries of Chams Plc includes Card Centre Nigeria Limited and ChamAccess Limited. Lest we forget, Chams is the parent company of ChamsConsortium Limited and ChamsSwitch Limited and for you to know how active this man is, take a look at the website of each individual subsidiary to see what they have achieved within such a short period of time, only then will you understand why Sir Demola Aladekomoa can not but just be regarded as a Business Mogul. Finally, they even have a huge amount of interest in ChamsMobile.

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