Young Entrepreneurs: DriversNG

Young Entrepreneurs

We are pleased to formally introduce to you DriversNg, an indigenous Human resource company based in Lagos Nigeria with a focus on training and providing the best drivers to individuals, companies and organizations.

DRIVERSNG is the product of a young graduate’s dream to see changes in the country’s transportation sector, basically in the world of finding reliable and trustworthy drivers.

Q. How/when was it formed? What is the team etc?

DriversNg is an online platform that tends to provide reliable and professionally trained drivers to those in need of them. it was started on 24th of June 2015 in Lagos State, Nigeria; it is Nigeria’s leading Chauffeur hire platform.

DriversNg was co-founded by Osunlana Ismail, Audu Daniel and Eboghade Emmanuel; all fresh graduates from Covenant University as at the time the company was founded.

Q. What gap in the market did you spot? What is the competition?

DRIVERSNG aims at filling the gap between skilled and seasoned drivers who are willing to work and those who are in dire need of them. It is simply the transportation industry’s ‘middle man’ of our time.

DiversNg currently does not have a major competition, but have a few number of related services like ride sharing platforms, car booking platforms, etc, DriversNg hopes to partner with them in providing drivers for them.

Q. How are you funded? Any other serious landmarks?

DriversNg was initially funded at the early stage from contributions of the founders, but now the company makes enough money to sustain itself.

Q. What has uptake been like?
DriversNg currently has a large database of drivers in Lagos state, and has supplied quite a number of drivers to people especially personal drivers.

Q. What markets are you operating in currently? Any expansion plans?

The startup which is currently based in Lagos State and plans to expand into other states in Nigeria within the next 15 months, and other African countries over the next few years.

Q. How do you make money? What are revenues/profits like so far?

DriversNg currently makes its money by removing a certain percentage off whatever is paid by the client before paying the drivers, also we source drivers for client at a certain token.

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