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Young Entrepreneurs: Samuel Adewale

by Valentine Ogbamebor

I am a writer, but if I was asked to exchange my talent for another, it would be for the art of creating images; drawing, painting or even photography. That is because a picture is worth a thousand words. So rather than write a thousand words to express how I feel, I will just make a picture of it.

This week’s young entrepreneur is one who has created expression from impeccable images. I went through his portfolio and I was practically blown away by the ingenuity of his art, the quality of his images and the originality of his concepts.

I am glad to present Samuel Adewale, the brain behind Samuel Adewale Photography. In this interview Samuel talks to us about how he got into the imagery profession, what photography means to him and what it takes to be an excellent photographer.

Can you introduce yourself to us?

My name is Samuel Adewale, and I run Samuel Adewale Photography.

You are a topnotch photographer, how did it all start and when?

{Laughs} Everyone prays to be a topnotch photographer. It started four years back, after I finished my secondary education and didn’t know what next to do with my life. Then I met a friend who introduced me to one of the greatest photographers by the name SHOLA ANIMASHAUN. I started working with Shola Animashaun in 2011 and as time went on he made me his P.A., from there I kicked off. While I am still his P.A, I run Samuel Adewale Photography.

Okay. What are some of the challenges that you faced along the way?

One of the challenges I faced was trying to meet up with the standard that other professional photographers have set so I too can belong.

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What does Photography mean to you?

Photography means everything to me. There is this joy that comes from within me whenever I hold a camera.

I see the quality of your works and the caliber of your clients and I have this feeling that your services are for the rich, am I correct?

{Laughs} We deliver quality images that don’t mean it’s for the rich alone.  We are open to negotiation. Our client is our client, we treat them with dignity.

What does it take to be a photographer, particularly of your class?

It involves a lot of hard work, because every second your brain is thinking of that concept that will make people be like, wow. So we put lots of hard work into it.

You trained under Shola Animashaun; is it compulsory for every aspiring photographer to train under someone?

It’s not compulsory, but as we all know the best way to learn is by observing.

You have done photo shoots at top occasions and for top individuals; can you share with us some of the big occasions you have worked in or stars you have worked for?

I shot three editions of hip hop world, EME baddest boy concert, bobby brown concert, koko concert, Darey art alade LOVE LIKE A MOVIE, teju and tobi’s wedding, lots of them.

I can imagine. Finally, if you were not a photographer, what profession would you be into?

I will be into Exotic foods.

Thank you Mr. Samuel Adewale for agreeing to speak with me

Thank you sir.

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