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Can you introduce yourself to us?

I am OHMA the MD of OHMA BEAUTY WorLD: a certified  make up artist endorsed. skincare therapist,and a fashion designer. I am married to a wonderful man , a mother of nations. A graduate of the almighty university of Benin and an MBA holder, I am from Enugu state. I am a philosopher, a lawyer and a great entrepreneur.

When did OHMA beauty world begin?

Ohma beauty world started with perfumery in 2005 then grew into fashion and subsequently makeup and skincare .

Why beauty and fashion? Is it because of the money, is it hobby or was it born out of passion?

Ok its all encompassing; I love fashion, I am moved by beauty and crazy about looking good, so its more of a passion, its inate  and fulfilling.

Do you believe a woman can be a very successful businesswoman and still maintain a very good home?

Yes its 100% possible : the bible talks about a virtuous woman and also says a good woman keeps her home .the virtuous woman is a working woman.its not easy but one must create a balance and establish stability so that none suffers but as for me my family comes first, I have an understanding and supporting spouse so its very possible

You mentioned to me earlier that you have sales representatives in Lagos and Port Harcourt, are you into any form of production?

Yes we design clothes but we Are working. Towards production  in other sectors (for our skincare products we shop for the best worldwide  )

What is your philosophy of money?

A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all [things]…eccle10:19

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Financial intelligence must become an essential acquisition.

 It is not optional. You must gain a thorough understanding of money and how it works because that knowledge is imperative to successfully advancing any cause.

Money will give you a voice. Money will put you on the map.

The cities of the Lord are spread abroad through prosperity (Zech. 1:17).

It is a mistake to pursue money as the ‘end all and be all’ of everything. Money is a means to an end. Money is a good servant but a bad master. However there is very little achieved without money.

 Physical cash may fail but divine wisdom empowers for wealth and greatness.

divine wisdom also holds the keys to right learning, right knowledge, right understanding, right living, long life and prudence. It is more precious than silver, gold and rubies.

Education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

What are the three most important features or qualities or character that helped you get to where you are?

Hmmmm: The fear of God which is the beginning of Wisdom; second, the spirit of might: the determined -never-giving up , yes I can attitude.Third absolute commitment to this path I have chosen

What is the target group for your services; high class, the middle class or low income earners?

Its all encompassing:we have an organised segment and a unique value proposition that works for each client. what we offer our clients are high quality products and the very best services,hence our target group cuts across people from all walks of life;

Finally, what were some of the challenges that you confronted raising to your current status?

Owning any sort of small business in a struggling economy is difficult. But when your passion is beauty and fashion, getting off the ground may be a hassle, but once that initial investment goes through you’re off and running.

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Some of the challenges i faced was first n foremost what course to register for and which school to attend.

Second; to excel in this business experience is requisite and I had none so I decided to start with friends n family offering my services @ token fees

Now I have a strong database of clientele mostly based on referrals

Nice. Thank you very much Madam for your patience and for agreeing to speak with me.

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