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Young Entrepreneurs: Bukky Falode

by Valentine Ogbamebor

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers; who is Bukky Falode?

Bukky Falode is the Creative Director of Beauty Seat Makeup School and Services, a graduate of Home Science and Management (First Class Honours) from the then University of Agriculture Abeokuta, now called Federal  University of Agriculture Abeokuta.  I had my secondary education at Saint Anne’s School, Molete Ibadan. I hail from Ilesha in Osun state but I was born in the city of Ibadan. I am a lover of music, I enjoy any activity that involves colours and creativity. Finally, I am a Christian.

You are a makeup artist, when did it begin?

Makeup Artistry for me began about four years ago, after I graduated from the University, although I had been nurturing the passion since I was much younger; I used to do gele for friends and neighbours when they had functions to attend and I used to do a bit of makeup and hairstyling on anybody available, I just loved the feeling it gave me. While I was waiting for the clarion call, I decided to perfect my skills in makeup artistry and gele tying by attending a makeup school in 2011.

Why makeup artistry? Why not tailoring or fashion designing or anything else?

Funny enough, I had both formal and informal training in Fashion designing as well; I did fashion designing somewhat commercially through-out my university days but after I started makeup artistry fully, I realized I love makeup artistry more, it has really captured my heart and I think and talk makeup almost every time, I even dream about it…lol. It’s not like I cannot do other things, because I have a “coat of many colours” *smiles*.  In fact, I plan to have a clothing line in the near future, however, makeup artistry and I are not going our separate ways anytime soon.

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Do you plan to build a career on this or is it just something to pass time?

I have already built a career on this, I have a makeup studio/makeup school in Ibadan at the moment and Beauty Seat is already becoming a household name in Ibadan and South-west Nigeria even though the company is not one year old yet.

Did you receive any training in makeup artistry?

Yes, I did up to the professional level.

There are so many young makeup artists out there, what makes you different, why should I come to you and not them?

Beauty Seat is known for excellence, expertise, and professionalism. We are very detailed in our work and this is what makes us outstanding. We have received several testimonies or rather feedback to this effect. Also, we have a huge database of satisfied clients.

Can you share with us some of the challenges you have faced since you began and how you have been able to surmount some of these challenges?

One of the major challenges is the issue of pricing; people want a good job but they do not want to pay for it, some would even expect you to do the service free of charge. Also, some people look down on the profession because they see a lot of unprofessional people around the industry. In the bid to deal with the issue of pricing, I developed a price list and I try to fix my charges as much as possible, also, since our jobs speak for us, it makes people appreciate our charges better.

Finally, where do yourself in the next five to ten years?

In the next five to ten years, I see Beauty Seat becoming an international brand.

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