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Young Entrepreneur: Lady Ziba Jibunoh

by Valentine Ogbamebor

What amazed me most about this week’s young entrepreneur was the sheer number of people who recommended her and attested to her work, in fact, I got to know of her through one of such referrals. These people did it with so much vigor that I actually thought she paid them to campaign for her. One particular guy was so persistent, so annoying, that I had a grand scheme to delete him from my contact.

Finally I met the lady, and after communicating with her for some days I understood why she had so many devotees, and I was convinced she wasn’t paying them to sing her praise. In fact, when I mentioned how loud her praise had gotten she was genuinely shocked, and glad.  Her shrewdness in the dynamics of business management is one I am yet to see elsewhere. I chitchat with her often, as a friend, just to get free business advice.

I present to you this week’s young entrepreneur, the beautiful, brilliant, gorgeous Ziba Jibunoh, the CEO of FL consults, an outfit dedicated to giving life to business visions.

Can you introduce yourself to us?

I am Lady Ziba Jibunoh, Lead business strategy/Development consultant, Fruitful Link Consults.

Your educational background, tell us a little about it.

From nursery school to university: Delta State nursery, primary, secondary school and University Abraka, 2008 graduate, theatre arts. Nysc, Osun state, 2009/2010 set.

I did my nursery to University education in Delta state. I graduated from Delta State University Abraka, 2008. I studied Theatre Arts. I had my NYSC in Osun state, 2009/2010.

Many people understand blogging, fashion designing… but you are a Business consultant and strategist, what exactly does that mean? What do you do?

It means that I assist SMEs/start ups entrepreneurs to address and proffer possible solutions to the challenges they face in their various businesses. When they consult me and state their business challenges, together we develop result oriented strategies to help them manage and solve their problems.

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I assist existing and prospective entrepreneurs to get established and assist them in growing their businesses. In fact, what we do is clearly stated in our business slogan, which states; giving life to business visions.

Thus in summary, we give life to business visions

That’s elaborate. And how receptive are people to your business? Do they readily accept to be your client or do they look at you like…’this lady just wants to eat our money’

[laughs] Of course when people know you can help them solve their problems, they flock around you. I have very pleasant clients, most of them from referrals. I don’t just do business with my clients I also educate them effectively, so paying for my service is not a problem to them, except when they are broke.

As an expert why do you think many startup businesses fail in the first five years?

Some entrepreneurs don’t operate in businesses of their passion; they lack business visions, wisdom, direction and sustainability measures.

For anyone going into business newly, what are the important things that he/she must know?

A more intimate relationship with God like never before, because you need His wisdom to do business and He is the only one  who  can give lasting increase and sustainable wealth. Make up your mind to fail at first, consult a business strategy/development consultant regularly. Never borrow to start a business, start alone and start small, do test running before investing big. Never bring in partners or staff until you have a net filled with profitable clients. Sometimes you don’t need money to start up a business. Once you have a good action business frame work, the capital will come.


What are the challenges of being a Business consultant and strategist?

Managing sensitive clients

Do you think the government is doing enough to encourage the growth of small businesses?

The government is doing the best it can to reach entrepreneurs/SMEs, but they are facing many economic distractions in recent times which is constantly taking their attention off SMEs. Hence they need support from capable citizens.

Are your services very affordable? Or do you aim for high-paying clients?

Our services are very affordable. Our clients are basically small business owners, and some are just starting so our service charge is built to fit into their business status/ budget.

And finally, is it compulsory that as a small business owner or startup I must speak with a business consultant?

It is not compulsory but it is very necessary and very important. Having a business consultant helps you to avoid making unnecessary business mistakes.

Thank you Lady Ziba for your taking out the time to speak with us

You are welcome

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