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Young Entrepreneur: Emmanuel Ogar


On completion of his University education and the mandatory National service, he saw the gloomy fate of young graduates in Nigeria and therefore decided to apply himself to towards learning a skill and becoming self-reliant. He thought deeply about the one thing which he loves doing and researched ways by which he could be better in it.

Emmanuel Ogar is a personification of what we stand for at Young Naija Entrepreneur. We teach young people that things are not so rosy out there and it is not possible for everyone to find a white collar job. We teach young people to think deeply about what they love doing and see how they can turn it into a money-making venture, hence becoming self-reliant.

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Emmanuel Ogar, a graduate of Estate management. I hail from Ogoja, Cross River State, I am 29 years old and based in Abuja.

Can you tell us about your business? What do you do?

I am a Wall Skill Painter doing modern wall paintings that require special skills. Paintings such as Liquid wallpaper painting; which is a painting technique which makes your wall look like real wallpaper. It is washable, durable and eco-friendly. Other paintings that I do includes, Fox painting, Airbrushing, flashing, ragging, stucco, diamond painting, wall art, and wood feeling. The liquid wallpaper is more unique than the traditional paper wallpaper. It requires less maintenance and can resist moist and dampness from wall.

Okay. You studied Estate Management but now you work as a wall painter, what happened? How did you come into this business?

Before completing my NYSC here in Abuja, considering the fact that over 40 million youths are unemployed, I sat down to think critically about what I am good in, how I can improve by doing what others can-not do who are in the same area of wall painting. I started researching on modern wall paintings, mostly decorative paintings that amazes the eye. After completing my NYSC, I won the FCT NYSC award, which exposed me to different people based on the project I executed. I came in contact with a Chinese who helped in developing my skills. With the mindset I have that every graduate cannot be employed, I developed wall skill painting that is quite different from the traditional paintings.

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And how long have you been into Wall painting?

Two years now sir, April would make it three years.

Do you have employees?

Yes sir. Three persons; two graduates, one is a town planner and the other an artist. By next year, I am looking to-wards training female painters.

Many people who see your work will quickly assume it is expensive and it can only be afforded by the rich; can you give us an idea into how much it cost to have these wall paintings?

The quality of the paintings is more than it cost. Normally I have made it afford-able. We charge 2,500 Naira per square meter. While for the normal paintings I charge between 700-1000 per square meter.

What were some of the challenges that you faced when you started? And what are those that you are currently facing?

The challenge of financing my dream wasn’t easy. Secondly, Nigerians don’t believe in Nigerians. Most of these rich politicians like patronizing foreigners, who would now take these jobs and outsource it to blacks, or use blacks to execute it at peanuts prices. It is annoying, very annoying. Currently, I am faced with financial constraint. I want to buy some machines that can increase my speed of work.

I can understand your plight. Do you think the government is doing enough to support young entrepreneurs in Nigeria? If no, what do you suggest they do?

Government programs tailored toward assisting young entrepreneurs is poor and with limited success because the real entrepreneurs are not benefiting. A commission or a module should be set where young entrepreneurs can access funds and support directly. If am supported, I can employ up to 10 youths who would be trained to become self-reliant.

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