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Young Entrepreneur: Biyi Adeleke


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then images from Biyi Adeleke Photography would be worth then ten times more. His stellar images are hard to miss as they catch attention instantly on his Instagram account. In this interview, yne.ng speaks to him to find out how he started and the secret behind his stellar images.

Q. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?
A. My name is Biyi Adeleke. I am an event photographer.

Q. When and how did you get into event photography?
A. I have always wanted to be in the entertainment business since my time in secondary school. I actually started out as a cinematographer /filmmaker, hoping to become a music video director. I went to a couple of films school. I actually stumbled on photography as I initially didn’t have an interest in it. A friend of mine had a wedding and told me, “Biyi, since you’ve been shooting videos it shouldn’t be that hard for you to take pictures.” So I collected his camera and went with him. And BANG. The pictures were nice. And I never looked back since then.






Q. That’s nice. Your photos are always impressive. What’s your secret? How are you able to create such amazing photos?
A. Thank you. I think the key is to open your eyes. Before I take a picture I always visualize the outcome up to the post production level. I put a lot of passion and energy in it while shooting. So I’ll just say I open my eyes and use them.

Q. Have you ever had an experience with a difficult client?
A. There are no successful businesses with no difficult clients. You can’t please everybody. Even Jesus who was perfect was still nailed to the cross. I have had a couple of difficult ones.

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Q. How were you able to manage them?
A. Best is to call and dialogue and I usually introduce a third party. And there are some who make the situation unmanageable. You just have to close the curtain on that one and move on to the next. Because if you continue to dwell on that it’ll bring bad blood and maybe affect your next clients. Once you come across them, be as fast as possible to close the chapter.

Q. Good. Finally, where do you see yourself in the next five years? What is your ambition for your business?
A. In five years… I’ll be one of the top photographers in Africa. And I am hoping to have the largest photography school in Nigeria. With hostels and all, where we’ll be able to accommodate students from within and outside the country. Photography is a big force to reckon with.. And I am part of its future “hopefully “

We wish you the very best in your future endeavor.













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