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Walking The Path Of Greatness

by Valentine Ogbamebor

Greatness in life is not a mystery, neither is it a product of luck. Greatness is the result of consciously and unconsciously applying some basic principles of life. Failure, on the other hand, is as a result of consciously making the same mistake over and over again.

The truth is that, greatness is a possibility to any person whose mind is made up to be great and is ready to obey the rules that makes for greatness.

I have discovered that everybody in life has this desire to become a great person. Eight out of every ten persons you ask on earth will tell you that they have a dream to become one thing or the other. Many of them, if not all, have dreams of greatness. The major question we have to ask ourselves is, why is it that virtually every one of these people, irrespective of their dreams of greatness, eventually end up small in life?

In this write up, it is my pleasure to outline a few principles that guarantee greatness in life. And I believe that as you read and put to practice the keys outlines here, you will take your position at the top.

God has deposited seeds of greatness in every individual he created on earth. But the responsibility of actualizing this greatness lies majorly in our hands. These are the keys to greatness:

Believe in Yourself:

Many people who are destined for greatness have failed because they did not believe they could make it. “He will make it, who believes he can”. Success and greatness in life begins with first of all believing that you have what it takes to make it.

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Lack of self-confidence is the reason many youths amount to nothing in life. Even when other people do not believe in you, if you believe in yourself, you will make it to the top. Let us take a look at the young man called David in the bible. Even when nobody believed he could face Goliath in a battle, he believed in himself. That was the secret of his victory over Goliath. Whenever you believe in yourself, there is always a supernatural help that comes to your disposal to achieve your desire.

Hard Work:

One major factor that guarantees greatness in life is hard work. “To win the prize, you must pay the price”. Anybody who wants to be great in life should first ask himself or herself, what prize am I ready to pay to become great?

Hard work is the only sure way to becoming great in life. To shy away from hard work and still claim you want to be great is to be nothing but a daydreamer.

Stay Focused in Your Pursuit:

The easiest way to stop a man on a vision is to give him another vision. To be focused is to channel your energy, resources and time only in pursuit of one thing. It is living and dying on the one thing that you were created to do in life. I have discovered that if you knock at the door for long, it will definitely open.

Embrace Mentorship:

Mentorship is following the steps of those who have gone ahead of you. It is climbing on the shoulders of those who are already where you wish to be in life.

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You must realize that there are people who are already where you desire to be in life. Wisdom demands that you learn from their wealth of experience in order to get there faster.


With these few principles outlined in this write-up, I may not assure you that in 6 or 12 months that you will be-come a millionaire, but I am assuring you that eventually, you will rise and take your place at the top.

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