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Two Powerful Characteristics of Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs come in all shapes, sizes and color but they all have some things in common, ranging from a positive attitude to an ability to spot an opportunity.

However, there are two key characteristics that make an entrepreneur stand out from the crowd. They are: The relentless Pursuit of change and ability to take action.

The Relentless Pursuit of Change

Humans are always evolving. Our tastes, preferences and demographics usually change with us. This is usually good news for entrepreneurs, because it gives them an opportunity to disrupt trends and bring in new solutions to the problems that we usually find in our new zones.

Entrepreneurs are attracted to change like moths are attracted to wild fires. They are always looking for what is new, what is next and constantly asking themselves how they are going to get there first.

This pursuit of change, helps entrepreneurs to find solutions to problems that may not be obvious as well as spot solutions that are already outdated and find a way to get new ones.

This pursuit of change is what prompted Jeff Bezos to start an e-commerce company when no one thought that the internet will ever be used to buy and sell products.

This same pursuit of change, motivated Steve Jobs to start a computer company that will produce unique and compelling products for new set of buyers who would like sleek new devices.

Ability to Take Action

One of my mentors always told me “the idea you are thinking about, someone else is also thinking about it. The person who brings it to market first is the winner, usually”


Entrepreneurship is for those who don’t lack the will power to take action. In business you have to make a lot of decisions and many of them offer little to no opportunity to think it through.

Those who don’t have the ability to make important decision on the spot are usually better off as employees.

As an entrepreneur, you have to be ready to take quick decisions like hiring, firing, accepting or rejecting a business offer. These kinds of decision usually require some time for thinking, but in the brutal world of entrepreneurship, you cannot afford to wait till you are comfortable to make them, you may lose your momentum.


As an entrepreneur, you have to keep your antennae up for spotting opportunities in change and be fearless when it comes to taking action and executing your ideas.

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