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Top tips for Entrepreneurs who work from home

by Valentine Ogbamebor

Working has evolved over the years and we have surely adapted along the way as times changed. Previously we all worked at 9-5 jobs where productivity is not really measured and we can afford to do whatever we like at the office and still end up getting paid at the end of the month.

Today, companies have switched to more productivity based systems and it has become very easy to track your contributions to the overall well-being of your organization. Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to get work done effectively and inexpensively. This desire has given more credence to the idea of working from home.

For the past two years, I have worked from home while building my businesses with remote staff whom I suspect most likely do the same. It has not been easy, but I have gotten by with the tips I am sharing in this article.

While all may not work for you, each of them has worked for at least one of my fellow work-from-home entrepreneur friends, here they are:

Build a routine

When we were working for other individuals, we had to build routines including waking up, plan your day, get dressed, head to the office etc. While we may not have enjoyed working for other people and being bossed around, that routine surely helped us produce the results that we needed to before we could earn our monthly paychecks.

Try building a routine like waking up at the same time, getting dressed, using the same coffee mug when you want to start working etc. these would help put your mind in the zone of work even though it is the same venue you live in.

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Have a dedicated work Space

This remains one of the most classic work from home advice, yet it stays relevant to this day. When you have a dedicated space in your home for work, even if it is just a table an chair in your bedroom you use for work purposes only, you’d help take your mind away from “I am home” to “I am at work” zone.

Get yourself a personal chair and table and dedicate it for work only. Never watch TV or play Video Games in that Space that would help make it sacred for work.

Create time for breaks

In a normal office, you don’t work for 8 hours at a stretch, why should you want to do that in your home office either?

Planning to take some time out during your work day for breaks could help you relax, recharge and even get new ideas as you work on a daily basis.  You could use your break to take a nap, get caffeine or even chat with friends.

Get to know more about your energy levels

The different tasks you have to finish would always require different levels of concentration and energy. As the boss of your own calendar, try your best to schedule tasks based on how you feel.

If you are more energized in the mornings, use that time to perform your most important and valuable tasks. You can then schedule other low-value tasks for other times in the day were distractions would not be a big issue for you.

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