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Top Five Selling Skills all Successful Salesmen Master


The best sales teams are made up of individually good sales reps and they have a couple of things that set them apart from the rest. One way they get results is by developing good sales skills, usually through the help of a sales coach or a very successful and experienced sales manager.

No matter how good your sales coach or manager is, it is not always easy to develop good salespeople. Sometimes new sales reps don’t feel like they can master sales skills, and at other times the sales managers are not patient enough to lead newbies. In this article, we cover the top five skills that set apart the best salesmen.

Knowledge of your Product:

One thing that differentiates a sales rep from a customer is that the sales rep knows everything about the product he is selling. In other words, if a sales rep does not know about the product he/she is selling that sales rep is an ineffective one.

If you are a sales manager, product information should be the first information you give to a new sales rep. you should design your training in such a way that new sales rep spend the first few weeks learning everything they need to know about the products they would be selling.

They should be able to master how each product works, what benefit they offer to customers, and even what they are not expected to do. With a deep knowledge of your product, you can convince any customer to part with their money in exchange for your product.

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Prospecting Skills:

After your sales reps have mastered what your product is all about and they can differentiate each from the other, it is time to go out and get some new customers through the door via prospecting.

One of the best place for your sales reps to start prospecting is to establish contacts with referrals you have gathered from satisfied customers. They can also go back to closed lost opportunities with whom they have already had conversations to try and revive their interest in your product.

Active Listening:

Most salespeople think what they have to do to get a prospect to buy their company’s product is to just talk all day about it. However, that is wrong as many a prospect would feel you are trying to manipulate them into buying your product. To become a top salesperson, you need to learn the act of listening actively so that you can ask interesting follow-up questions that show that you actually care about the prospects’ needs, not just selling something to them.

Just like in normal conversations in life, prospects can tell when you are listening and when you are just thinking about the next thing to say to them. The best sales reps have mastered listening to what their prospect is saying, that’s why they usually have the knowledge about a prospect’s needs which often leads to more sales.

Time Management:

One of the most important skills that successful salesmen have mastered is time management. They have mastered the art of making more calls whether cold calls or to prospects they have already opened communications with. Once you can manage your time well, it becomes easier to be productive.

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One key thing to know about time management is that you have to take the least possible time to sort through your leads and find those that are promising while discarding the others, because the more time you waste on chasing prospects who are interested in your product, the more quality leads you would have missed out on.

Demo Skills:

A demo is critical to selling some products, especially B2B products. Even if you have mastered all the capabilities of your products, you would still need to learn how you can present them in a demo effectively.

While showing a demo, it is important to focus on the benefits that would be more important to solving the client’s problem and try your best to limit any part of the product that doesn’t help solve any issues the prospect may have.

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