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The Fact About Business Productivity

by Valentine Ogbamebor

Recently, my fiancée and I were involved in a serious conversation. We are getting married really soon and she was telling me how she wants a beautiful marriage filled with love and happiness and warmth and all those things that girls fantasize about when they get married.

I listened patiently, but more importantly, I had a project to finish and I was already behind schedule. So, wanting to irritate her, I asked a simple question – what are you doing right now to ensure you get your dream marriage? It worked, because she hissed at me, and she left.

A lot of business people like my fiancée have great dreams and goals about their business and how they hope their business turns out, but my question to you is this – what are you doing right now to achieving the goals you have set out for your business?

I am going to drop a bomb, almost like the one that I dropped on my fiancée – good marriage doesn’t exist, there is no love in marriage but people. In the same vein, your business doesn’t exist. Your business is functional because you are functional, and your business will only rise to the level that you rise to, or refuse to rise to.

So, you want to increase the productivity of your business – begin by increasing yourself. The capacity your business is functioning right now is because of the capacity that you have right now – there is only one way to improve productivity in your business – improve yourself. Become what you want your business to be, and your business will naturally rise to meet it.

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Begin today to develop the skills your business needs to improve, and ultimately, your business will follow suit. Your business will improve only when you as the owner improves

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