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The Need for Revelation 2


Olamide is my sweet and wonderful nephew’s name. He is such a charming boy, quick to smile and has this likable spirit about him. Olamide was to start school in September so his mum, in preparation, has bought his new shoes, books, and all else you can imagine. But since August summer lessons are going on, and his elder sister usually goes to lessons, the mum thought it would be okay if Olamide goes, too.

The morning Olamide was to start lesson, he ran into the room, so excitedly, “where is my shoe?” he kept repeating, jumping all over the place looking for one of his new school shoes. “That is not the shoe you will wear today, those shoes are for school, just wear your slippers,” The mum told him. Olamide broke down into tears, serious crying, he just would not be comforted, he just wanted to wear those new shoes.

I smiled indulgently, and a thought came into my mind, “if only my little Olamide knows that in just the next few weeks he would be allowed to wear those new shoes, and he would wear them and wear them and wear them, until he tires of them, he probably would not be so sad; if only he understood.“

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