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How to Start a Freelancing Career

by Olusegun Egbeyinka

Meet my friend’s older sister and her husband Lena and Harry. They are online teachers who earn 6 figures every month working from the comfort of their homes. The landscape of the workplace is fast-changing and will keep evolving more and more because of the advent of the internet. The internet has brought the world to our tables and hands in the form of desktops and mobile devices and has brought the workplace with it too.

Companies are seeing the vast advantage of outsourcing some part of their businesses so that they can focus on delivering value to their customers and in turn screen third party contractors as they are called sometimes to ensure that they fit in with their brand. What this has done is created a huge demand for freelancers and the demand will keep increasing as the internet keeps growing and more and more remote workers will be needed.

For you to get started as a freelancer, you must have basic tools and equipment depending on the area you want to freelance in. Working as a freelancer requires that you have a good laptop/desktop and fast internet service, you are a good manager of time, you can work without supervision, and you can meet deadlines. You must also have good communication skills, both written and spoken.

If you have all of the above, then a career as a freelancer is set for success from the get-go. I am going to show you areas where remote work is highly demanded at the moment and you can pick your area of expertise based on your niche.

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Content Writers:

The thing about the internet is that content is king. A lot of businesses need writers either to create content for them, to write blogs and articles, publications and stories, copywriting, even ghostwriting.

The skills needed as a writer is your ability to construct proper sentences, good use of grammar, creativity, and knowledge in the area you are writing on. Basically, have writing skills.


With great content creators, comes the need for good editors, who can correct and edit articles, blogs, magazines, and so forth.


There is a large demand for English teachers on the internet and several platforms now exist to enable people to learn English. Some platforms expect you to have experience as a tutor and some certifications (and these ones pay more) than others who do not need you to have any experience or certification, as long as you have a clear grasp of the English Language and your speech is clean.

Virtual Assistants:

There is a demand for assistants to handle phone calls, emails, data entry, and office management. It is basically to be an assistant while working from your home. If you consider yourself a very organized person, with good telephone manners and can work under pressure, give it a shot.


If you love to type and you have a clear understanding of an international language, then this is a job you should do. As a transcriptionist, you transcribe audio files into documents either verbatim or otherwise based on the specification.

There are also platforms for graphic designers and web designers. The bottom line is finding your niche and applying for them. If you are like me who enjoys a cup of hot coffee and like to set the time that you work for yourself, then welcome to the world of freelancing.

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