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How to Make Biscuits in Nigeria



– 150 grams of Fine wheat flour or plain flour

– 100 grams of butter

– 50 grams of icing sugar

– 2 tablespoon of powdered milk

Note: It is important to use butter and not margarine. Also, the two tablespoon of powdered milk is not compulsory but optional. Its function is to add extra richness and make the biscuit creamier.

If icing sugar is not available, finely ground granulated sugar can be used. In order to achieve a grainy texture, use about 3 tablespoonfuls of corn flour or rice flour.


– The first step is to mix the butter with the icing sugar until it is creamy. If you are familiar with baking cake, then you will know exactly how to get this done, if not, not to worry, there is always a first time. This first step can be done manually or with a mixer.

– Next is to sieve your flour and powdered milk into your butter bowl. I simply use the term ‘flour’ because you can choose to use either wheat flour, corn flour, or rice flour. Any of these can work, and each gives a distinct taste. Mix your sieved flour with your butter thoroughly until it has incorporated properly.

– Thirdly, make a ball with your dough, similarly to what you will do when making donuts or buns. Leave the ball of dough in a cool place for at least 30 minutes; preferably you can put it in a fridge.

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