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Cookie Policy

by Olusegun Egbeyinka

This page is devoted to educating users on what cookies are and why they may be saved to your device, whether it is your computer, mobile phone, or any other device used to access the Young Naija Entrepreneurs website.

What are Cookies?

It is our aim that you enjoy reliable, functional, and efficient service whenever you visit our website. Therefore we use cookies. Cookies are small files which are downloaded to your device with the aim of improving your browsing experience. These files are saved to your computer when you visit a website or view online ads. These are handled by your web browser and the information gathered can only be assessed by the issuer of the cookie.

Disabling Cookies

It is the prerogative of the user to disable cookies, you can do this by adjusting the settings on your browser. However, it is important to know that disabling cookies may affect some functionalities on this website and most other websites that you may visit. It is therefore highly recommended that you do not disable cookies.

The Cookies we use

Internal Cookies

These are cookies which are saved by Young Naija Entrepreneurs. They are saved mainly on your device to facilitate your browsing need on the Young Naija Entrepreneurs website and the optimization and personalization of services and content.

These cookies serve the following purposes;

– User authentication cookies: These are cookies which allow you to access your account using the same username that you have already provided to us

– Personalization cookies: These are cookies which makes it possible for us to adapt the appearance of our website to fit the display preference on your device.

– Statistics cookies: These are cookies which helps us to know how our site is performing so we can work towards improving it. To accomplish this, these cookies track your browsing to determine statistics on visits.

РSite Preference Cookies: It is our intention that you enjoy a great experience as you interact on our website, therefore we put in place some features and functionalities to gauge your preference for how the site works when you interact with it.


Third Party Cookies

Quite often we use cookies that are provided by trusted third parties. This section gives details on third-party cookies that you might encounter as you go through this site.

  • Young Naija Entrepreneurs employs Google Analytics, which is one of the most trusted analytics solution available on the web. Google Analytics helps us to understand how you use this site and in what ways we can improve your experience. Some of what these cookies track include how long you spend on the site, the pages you visit etc. This helps us to provide more engaging content.
  • From time to time we would be testing new features as well as making subtle changes to the way the site is delivered. While we are in the process of testing these latest features these cookies may be used to ensure that your experience is consistent while you are on the site.
  • Young Naija Entrepreneurs employs Google AdSense service to serve advertising. This uses a DoubleClick cookie which ensures that only relevant ads are served to you while also limiting the number of times a particular ad is shown to you.
  • Young Naija Entrepreneurs also uses social media button and/or plugins. This allows you to connect with your social network. These social media sites set cookies on our website which is used to enhance users profile