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Amazing Business Stories: Enzo Ferrari


Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena, Italy, on the 18th of February, 1898 to Alfredo Ferrari. It is not clear what Alfredo’s profession was, some historical accounts record him as a carpenter while others believe him to be in the metal business. Enzo Ferrari’s interest in cars started from a very early age. It was largely due to the influence of his father, who took him to see several car races in the 1908 Circuit de Bologna.

Enzo Ferrari received little or no formal education, and during World War 1, he was assigned to the Third Alphine Artillery division of the Italian army. Ferrari lost his father and elder brother, Alfredo jnr, during the widespread 1916 Italian flu. Ferrari became ill himself in 1918 but survived.

Following the death of his father, the collapse of the family’s business and his discharge from the army, Ferrari began to look for a job. Due to his strong interest in cars, he applied to FIAT but was rejected. Some account has it that FIAT thought he was not talented enough. He eventually got a job at a small car company named CMN as a test driver. He was later promoted to race driver and participated in a number of competitive races.

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