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9 Ways Small Businesses are Coping with COVID-19


Protecting the business environments and facilities:

During this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are coping by making sure that their employees follow the recommended prevention and containment procedures such as allowing workers work from home, providing hand sanitizers, and preventing physical contacts. This helps to assure the customers that they are safe to a certain extent.

Letting the customers know you’re doing the right things:

It is important that you reassure your customers that you’re trying your best to keep them safe. Hence, tell them the preventive steps you are taking during these times. It would strengthen their trust in you.

Educating your staff:

One important example of how businesses are coping with the COVID-19, is by making sure their workers are safe and healthy. Hence, it is necessary to educate you workers on the need to adopt certain health measures, as well as debunking every fake information that is being spread regarding the pandemic.

Financial forecasting:

As earlier mentioned, the COVID-19 is affecting several sectors of the economy. To cope with these effects, small businesses are beginning to plan for the negative effects this would have on their finances after the pandemic is over. It is necessary to draft a financial forecasting plan to tackle the future challenges the pandemic would be throwing at your business sales.

Having a Plan B:

Several small businesses are drafting an alternative source of income during this period. This is a tactical example of how businesses are coping with the COVID-19. Therefore, diversify your business to trends that are selling during this period.

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Leveraging on the Pandemic:

In as much as the COVID-19 is causing certain damages, this should not make small businesses blind to opportunities that may be flying right in front of them. The COVID-19 is causing changes and some of these changes may be an opportunity to actually grow your business, don’t just sit back and neglect a potential opportunity that can transform your business.

Communicate with your Employees:

It is important that small businesses communicate with their employees during this period. You do not know where the innovative idea, that would make your business wax stronger during this period, may come from.

Communicate with your Board of Leaders:

Just as it is necessary that you don’t neglect your staff, you have to also consult and brainstorm with your business managers to make sure the unity of your business remains intact during this period.

Confirm Continuity in Supplies from your Vendors:

As most factories are shutting down, reach your to your suppliers to ascertain their next course of action. If there would be inconsistent supplies, then you may need to find another alternative supplier.


We really hope you’ve enlightened by this article. Remember, the pandemic is just a phase, hopefully. Practice these examples of how businesses are coping with the COVID-19. Optimistically, your business would also be able to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.


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