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Five Basic Steps in Project Management


Project management steps varies from organization to organization, but there are certain basic steps that are popular to all project management. The major aim of any project is to solve a problem, develop a new better procedure for a process or solve an existing problem. In the next few minutes I would be sharing five basic steps in project management

Project conception and initiation

This is the first step in project management where the idea for a project is conceived and tabled before the management of an organization. The management is saddled with the responsibility of verifying the realism of a project, if it is feasible, if it can solve the problem confronting the organization and if it benefits the organization.

Project definition and planning

After the project has been approved as being feasible and needed to solve a problem, the next is to list what is needed for the actualization of the project. This includes the period to be allotted for the project, the budget required for the project and the inauguration of the team required to fulfill the project.

Project launch and execution

The next step is the assigning of task to various team members and the formal launching of the project. This is where the bulk of the work lies. This is where the project manager has to apply the necessary tactic, procedure or method to actualize the objectives of the project.

Project performance and control

This is the evaluation stage where the project performance is compared with the schedule, to determine if the project is proceeding as planned. It is during evaluation that the project manager would ascertain any problems that is occurring or is likely to occur to disrupt the project’s objectives.

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For instance, the project manager may discover that they project is moving slower than scheduled, in this case he would need to speed things up, or he may discover that he has spent beyond the budget, in such a case he would need to cut down on spending or make a requisition for more funds to be released.

Project close

After the project has been completed and delivered, a post-delivery evaluation is taken to determine what lessons could be learnt and the long term viability of the project. In the case of a novel technological breakthrough, a research may be carried out on how to use the knowledge garnered during the project into other areas.

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