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15 reasons you should start a business in school

by Valentine Ogbamebor

Life is not divided by semesters:

This is one truth I wish I heard when I was still in school. When you know that life is not divided by semesters, you will be more time conscious and focused in both your academic pursuit and other interests that are very valuable to you. For those who still feel that it is too early to start your own business right in school, I want you to know that school is only a part of life and not a break from life.

Have you not noticed that men who have impacted the world most are school dropouts? Example, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apple etc. They simply viewed schooling as a part of life and went ahead to continue life regardless of whether they have finished schooling or not. Another thing you must know is that education is not only for five or four years, it’s a lifelong process. You can combine schooling and business successfully.

Business experience is the best business school:

I read business in school, fortunately for me I also started a business in school so I have the gift of both the knowledge and the experience. But, I can authoritatively tell you that no matter the kind of business education you get, there is no way to know about a business better than experiencing it yourself. It is both a thrilling and life transforming experience.

While some people may feel they need to know some certain things about business before they can start a business or have a perfect product/idea before they can successfully launch a business, I dare say to you “done is better than perfect”. Even Microsoft or Apple have never given a perfect product, yes, if they have, why do they keep revising them in the form of Microsoft office 2003, 3007, 2010, and 2013 and Apple keeps bringing iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6… start up now and you will get better.“The secret to getting ahead is to get started”.

Your network determines your net worth:

It’s who you know multiplied by the number of people they know, that may be the key to unlocking your success in life. When you start a business in school, people of great ability and potential will want to flock around you because they have seen that you had the courage to follow your dreams. From this lot you will have the opportunity to help others who would be great men tomorrow also to start up like you did. When you help many other people to startup in life that way, I can guarantee you that many of them will be indebted to you for life and you will be able to get help, support and partnerships later in the future.

Everyone starts somewhere, the earlier the better:

Like I quoted earlier, the only way to get ahead in life is to get started. And the only difference between you and Seun Osewa or Linda Ikeji may be that you started later than them. Jesus started going about his business at 12, Michael Dell of Dell Computers started his company at 19. You see time is already against you if you are still out there waiting for the perfect idea or time. I want to say that the act of starting up a business is the toughest part of running a business. Once you start, fortune will give you enough favor and boldness to pull through. So this is the perfect time. Remember you have lost yesterday, tomorrow is still concreted, all you have is now, use it in a way you will be proud you did.

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You will overcome the fear of starting up:

So many people die with their ideas still in them, their greatest regret would be; if they had followed through with that idea, or started that business… When you start up a business in school, you will have overcome the numbing fear that kills many dreams in the world today, and when you have unlocked the gates to starting up one business, you will become unafraid to start up several others like Richard Branson, who has started over 200 businesses.

Enough time to test run many business models and ideas:

There are several business models out there, and there is hardly one size that fits for all kind of business. When you start a business in school, you will be able to test several of the models with your businesses and will be able to make a choice of the best which you will use for your other business endeavors later in your career. Also, you can switch to as many business ideas as you like in school, if you are still searching for the right business. This may be too expensive for you when you are out of school.

Opportunity to fail early and fast:

Every successful person has failed in life, and the bigger the failure, the more successful the person has become. When you start a business in school, you will have the rare gift of experiencing failure, from which you will learn lessons that will take you steps ahead of your future competitors who may be new on the business terrain. In business, a competitive advantage may just be that experience which you have from previous failure and the competitor does not have and cannot buy in the market.

Great talent to work with almost for free:

When you run a business in school, you will be able to tap into an array of great raw talents on campus. Many will be willing to serve with you. If you can persuade them with reasons like; the experience or partnership, some may not even want any payment, but want to be part of the success. Just look out for the best hands and you will be building your empire right inside the campus. This will come at a very high cost when you are out of school. Remember all great businesses and teams start small. Richard Branson started his student magazine while on campus, most of his starting partners followed him to start the record company and to other businesses that made up the virgin empire.

Confidence building:

Starting and owing your own business is one of the biggest confidence boosters, it will help you have a better image of yourself, improve your self esteem, and make you live with the mentality of a champion and someone who has a bright future and already on the road there. Start now and your life will be changed for good.

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An opportunity to live life on your own terms:

When you start a business in school, your life changes. While other students will live like dependents or salary earners, you will have the very exclusive opportunity to live your life in a very disciplined and focused way. This is your first step to becoming successful and living life on your own terms.

You will live free from chasing security all your life:

Like Robert Kiyosaki rightly pointed out, entrepreneurs seek freedom, while those who seek for jobs, especially government work, seek security. Those who have secure jobs no matter how high paying it may be, pay for that security with their freedom. When you own your business, you will be free to live life on your own terms and I can guarantee you-you will have enough people seeking security to work under you which you will by more of their freedom in exchange for secure jobs you are offering them and you will be free.

Low capital start up costs:

Most businesses that can be done on campus receive very minimal capital to start. When you are very serious about starting a business on campus, just look for the ones that will sell; you will surely find, so with this, you can start your business career with little or no capital and grow into an empire. Also, when you start a business on campus, you have the opportunity of asking for support from your sponsor (parent or guardian).

Any parent or guardian would be proud and very eager to support you if you can persuade them this business will be able to help you make your own money and reduce your bother on them. I tell you what, each time you fail and go broke, they would still have your back.

Opportunity to start small and grow big:

We live in a world of big and quick results. Almost every young Nigerian wants to work in a big firm and earn huge start up pay, or wants to start a business career very big. However, the only person who starts at the top is the person who is falling down, everyone who is at the top started from the ground up and every business that is big today started small. So start your business now no matter how small. Begin with a dream and a desire to work on that dream; you will be able to become as big as you wish.

Break free from fear of taking risk:

Most people never accomplish anything in life, because they are afraid of taking risk. When you start a business, you will break yourself free from that fear and you will be free forever to take daring steps that always comes with great rewards in wealth and riches.


Last but not the least; you will be well respected around your campus, by both your peers and customers. This respectability will follow you into the world outside when you will be in need of staff and other freelance technicians.

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